Your best partner in electrical engineering

Our primary goal has been the same for years: build a reliable electrotechnical installation. Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek operates in the commercial shipping, luxury yachting, and industrial sectors and delivers complete power solutions. From our humble beginnings in 1961, we have grown to become a leading electrotechnical installation company that operates on a global scale.

The go-to expert in maritime electrical engineering for more than sixty years

For the development of our installations, we utilise the insights that we acquired all over the world and the expertise that comes from more than sixty years of experience. Hundreds of clients benefit from this every single day. Every ship is unique: from robust utility vessels to fishing boats and from fast survey ships to seaworthy merchant vessels. At Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek, every ship gets the attention it deserves.

Global household name in luxury yachting

When it comes to quality, comfort and design, we demand the best. In collaboration with the finest yacht builders in the world, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek has become a household name in the international yachting sector. Captains and crews all over the world rely on the expertise and experience of Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek. Only the best is good enough for our clients.

Specialist in global power solutions

For our clients, a constant power supply is critically important. Our power solutions can be found in numerous sectors, including breweries, fish processors, malting plants and cold-storage warehouses. Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek knows just how important a reliable power supply is in a production process. We combine our decades’ worth of expertise with the highest quality of service – in every corner of the world.

Your best partner in industrial electrical engineering

Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek is the go-to expert in turn-key projects for the development of electrotechnical installations. We are happy to take all matters pertaining to the electrical (re)development of your building out of your hands. To us, it makes perfect sense that entrepreneurs would prefer to have a single highly experienced point of contact for their company’s entire electrical system.