In the picture: Project Manager Lub Visser

April 28, 2021 : After completing his Higher Technical education (specialising in telematics) fifteen years ago, Lub Visser did not immediately start looking for a job that matched his training. After a year of working in various jobs, he felt an itch to do something in the field of electrical engineering. A family member told Lub that Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was looking for new people. Lub successfully applied and in December 2006 joined the company as a Project Engineer.

In 2015, Lub was promoted to Project Manager where he is responsible for everything related to specific projects. “This involves making sure that drawing packages are made available to the panel builders and for the guys onboard to lay and connect the cables. I place orders for the materials needed for panel building as well as the materials used onboard. I am responsible for the planning of the project too, which means ensuring that all cabinets, materials, cables, etc. are available on time, plus enough technicians on site to do the work. Project managers also take care of the financial side of all of these activities, so no two working days are ever the same.”

When asked which project has made the biggest impression on Lub, he answers resolutely: “That can only be the Acta Orion, an extensive assignment that had to be completed in a short time. Despite the inevitable moments of stress, I’m very proud of how we delivered that project.”

Flexible, collegial and dedicated are words that come to mind when Lub thinks of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology. “I think it’s our high degree of flexibility that makes us stand out. The camaraderie between colleagues is also very enjoyable and this is a great company to work for!”