In the spotlight: chief technician Sieger Koning

16 August, 2019: After Sieger Koning (59) graduated from technical school in 1979 and obtained his mechanical and installation diploma in night school, he worked as a technician for various electrotechnical companies until 1990. Sieger then started work as a chief technician at Elektrotechniek Harlingen which was taken over by Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology in 2016.

The change of ownership took some adjusting for Sieger. “Although you work in the same place and with the same people doing the same activities, we soon saw business getting much busier and more people joining the company. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is a firm with lots of young employees and a different work method that what I was used to. It took some time – I’m a little older and maybe a bit stuck in my ways – but I learned to adapt. After a brief adjustment period, I found my place and am still very happy here today.” Sieger gained a lot of new colleagues over a short time. “This was a real bonus that has broadened my world.”

In his work Sieger resolves issues on fishing trawlers, ferries, oil ships, coasters and yachts in the port of Harlingen. He also participates in partial refit projects on vessels and does jobs in the industrial sector and on new builds and rebuilds in Harlingen and surroundings. In addition to his technician duties, Sieger is also responsible for planning, placing orders and warehouse management.

Sieger’s day starts at 7:30 with a cup of coffee, after which he discusses the planning and heads out. “It may involve a small job of just a few hours, or a larger one ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Every work week is a surprise – you never know what you’ll be doing in advance.”

When asked which Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology project Sieger remembers best, he says that each is unique in its own way. “There are many one-off situations in this work – it’s never boring.” Still there are some projects that stand out, including installing the electrical systems for the cruise quay in Harlingen and the installation of electricity units in Willemshaven. “We also equipped the ferry to the isle of Vlieland with a new fire alarm system in just three weeks. That was another fun challenge.”

Sieger describes Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology as a solid and reliable company that is specialised in various disciplines. “It is a very dynamic business. All challenges are embraced and we are not afraid to try new things. Everyone goes all in with maximum effort.”

Another good thing about working at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is the diversity, concludes Sieger. “No two days are the same. And there are various opportunities within the company too. No matter what your interest, there are always options open.”