Your best partner in industrial electrical engineering

Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek is the go-to expert in turn-key projects for the development of electrotechnical installations. We are happy to take all matters pertaining to the electrical (re)development of your building out of your hands. To us, it makes perfect sense that entrepreneurs would prefer to have a single highly experienced point of contact for their company’s entire electrical system.

Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek is the go-to electrotechnical partner for a large number of clients in the industrial, utility and high-end residential sectors. Our services go beyond the development of complete electrotechnical installations. As the party legally responsible for installations, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek takes care of periodical inspections, maintenance, replacements and rapid problem resolution. Our service level is tailored towards entrepreneurs who understand the importance of continuity for their business processes.

Cost-effective medium-voltage connection

More and more businesses choose Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek to develop their medium-voltage connection when constructing a new building. One of the benefits of having your own installation is that it is integrated into the building itself. Being able to choose where to place the transformer gives you more flexibility. Furthermore, you do not have to pay high rental fees to the energy company. In the end, your energy consumption will go down as a result of the more efficient use of cables.

Detailed NEN3140 certifications

Occupation Health & Safety legislation or your insurance company may require that an electrical installation is periodically inspected. Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek can conduct a scan of your electrical installation to ensure it meets the requirements of NEN 3140. After the scan, you will receive a detailed report that includes a list of any shortcomings we found. Of course, we can also help you resolve any problems we encounter during the certification process.

Complete installation advice

With more than sixty years of experience with the development of electrotechnical installations, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek is your best partner for installation advice with regard to changing, expanding or (re)designing an electrotechnical installation. The client confers with Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek’s engineers to determine the requirements the installation has to meet. Based on this information, our engineers will design your installation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Detailed network analysis: breakdown prevention

If machinery breaks down for no discernible reason, engines run too hot or electronics fail, the cause may be a faulty electrical installation. That means the installation’s voltages and currents are somehow disrupted. Although this problem is invisible, it can have dire consequences. We can analyse the network quality by conducting a network analysis. Based on the results of this (long-term) analysis, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek can offer detailed advice on what measures to take to resolve the issues at hand.

Detailed lighting advice for any situation

Every production process, every space and every person has its own lighting needs. With our years of experience in this field, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek can offer you detailed advice. Think of e.g. a certain light level that must be achieved or what light fixtures are best suited to a specific situation. Using special software, Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek’s engineers can visualise beforehand what a room will look like after realisation and what light levels will be achieved.

  • Your partner in industrial electrical engineering
  • Certified specialist for energy-efficient medium-voltage connection
  • Periodical inspections, timely maintenance and rapid problem resolution
  • Certified to offer lighting advice and conduct network analyses and inspections
  • Full-service supplier and an expert in the field of electrical engineering
  • Excellent quality of service
  • Legally responsible for your electrotechnical installation
  • Designing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions
  • Point of contact for your energy company

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