The go-to expert in maritime electrical engineering for more than sixty years

The design of an installation is driven by global insights. Our expertise is based on more than sixty years of experience. Hundreds of clients benefit from this every single day. Every ship is unique: from robust utility vessels to fishing boats and from fast survey ships to seaworthy merchant vessels. At Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek, every ship gets the maximum attention it deserves.


Unique designs for unique clients. Every ship is designed in close collaboration with our clients. Installations are built using the latest technological innovations and meet the highest standards of classification and safety. Our designers maintain close contact with ship builders and maritime personnel on a daily basis.

Panel construction

Robust and easy to use. Our panel builders use only the finest materials and are specially trained to build unique panels every single time. We leave nothing to chance to make sure our panel construction service is the best. Carefully designed and built by our experienced team of panel builders.


Out at sea, no two days are the same. We know that conditions can change in a split second. When choosing our materials, we utilise the knowledge and expertise of our clients. Our primary focus is on minimal maintenance and maximum sea miles and more fishing. With Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your electrical installation is in order.


Every day, our people work in shipyards to develop our installations. We are always on the lookout for even more efficient methods. It goes without saying that we will deliver what was promised on schedule. Every shipyard and every ship is unique. Every single day, we install custom-made installations for a wide range of unique clients.


At Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek, we do everything we can to keep your business running smoothly. If you need advice, have a problem or are looking for a component, feel free to contact us. We are standing by to help with anything you need, using only the finest specially selected materials. We have more than 7,500 products in stock in our warehouse to ensure your operations can go ahead at all times.

  • The combination of practical experience and innovation gives your company an edge
  • Minimal maintenance; maximum sea miles and more fishing
  • Our core values are the same for all sectors: simplicity, safety and reliability
  • We do what we can to make existing systems more energy efficient.

Satisfied clients