A robust answer to the maritime challenge

This year a modular multipurpose sea going platform Eko-vation will be launched. Eko-vation can quickly transform into a variety of functionalities at sea. Piet Brouwer electrotechnology is partner in this project.

Multipurpose maritime entrepreneurship opens up opportunities to broaden and strengthen the economic base of maritime enterprises. Piet Brouwer is proud to be partner in a group of 20 companies  working on the design of an completely new and innovative concept: Eko-Vation.

It is a sustainable development for the Dutch fishing industry focusing on the multipurpose use of a modular platform for various maritime tasks such as wind farm support, offshore support, diving support, inspection, maritime and marine research and so on.  A higher speed ensures greater flexibility and a strong increase of the ship’s versatility. This asks for a new concept that can easily be adapted to the changing wishes and requirements of prospects and customers. Therefore Eko-Vation is a solid answer to a strong maritime challenge. In 2015 Eko-vation will be launched.

More information: www.eko-vation.com