Cheers! Electrical power & distribution for brewery

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was commissioned to supply and install the electrical power & distribution for a new beer brewery near Abidjan in Ivory Coast for Holland’s largest beer brewing company. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology will supply a 4 MW power plant and a high-voltage distribution network for 15 kV, providing the brewery with the required continuous electrical capacity during the brewing process by means of two 2 MW generator sets.

After realising the grid connection, Piet Brouwer will ensure that the power plant can act as an emergency power back-up system. This means that in case of low grid quality or a blackout, the system automatically provides the brewery with the required power capacity to guarantee continued production.

As soon as the electricity grid is reactivated, and the quality is measured and approved, the system will smoothly and without interruptions switch back from the emergency back-up system to the grid.

All measurements in the grid and the brewery are monitored via the new system installed by Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology and actions will be taken automatically where necessary. This means that no human interventions are needed to guarantee the production and brewing process.

The first products should come off the production line in mid-2016. The Piet Brouwer project team has already started its preparations and the engineering process. We are supplying the following elements for the expansion:

  • 2x Caterpillar 3516 2 MW diesel generators
  • 2 step-up transformers (0.4/15 kV)
  • Synchronisation & load share panel for 3 generators
  • 5 distribution transformers
  • 4 high-voltage distribution panels
  • All high-voltage cables
  • 5 low-voltage distribution panels