Commission to develop fly shoot and twin rig winch control

Marble Automation, a subsidiary of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology, has been commissioned by VCU/TCD to develop a control system for a winch that is suitable for the fly shoot and twin rig fishing methods. The control system deploys hardware that has been in use by Marble for many years and which has proven its reliability in many projects.

The software is being written based on the knowledge gained by numerous fishermen, followed by a few months of research. This work method will result in a very usable system without unnecessary features.

The VCU/TCD OSEY system will feature a simplified control panel on which all relevant information is displayed clearly and give users a good overview of the state of affairs at all times. They will be able to use the screen to choose among several pages that are useful when deploying the fly shoot and twin rig fishing methods and adapted specifically for this purpose.

While fly shooting, for example, the control panel clearly displays the difference in the length and strength of the two fishing lines. Data related to the central winch is also visible on the screen when using the twin rig method.

The control system regulates not only the speed of the winches, but also measures and monitors the tensile forces on the fishing lines. Moreover, users may choose to control the winches at the same speed, rpm or tensile force. The fully adjustable line feed ensures that the fishing line is wound neatly on the drum. Users also have the option to program up to ten different reeling methods themselves. When one of these methods is chosen, the winch will continue to operate automatically. A special history page allows users to view and analyse all measured data from the latest use. 

For more information about the control system for a winch that is suitable for the fly shoot and twin rig fishing methods, please contact Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology or VCU/TCD.