Continued cooperation between Heineken Haiti and Piet Brouwer

15 february, 2019: Work is proceeding apace on the modernisation of a factory owned by Brana, a subsidiary of Heineken, in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Piet Brouwer Power Solutions has been closely involved in this refurbishment since it began in 2014.

Piet Brouwer originally carried out an inspection of the power plant, made recommendations and drew up maintenance plans. We also provided advice at an early stage on the possibilities to fit the systems within our custom-built, fully insulated container casings. This ensures a fast turnaround time of the project by keeping the local civil engineering work – always a bottleneck in the execution of such projects – to a minimum.

The recommendations were valued by Brana and rewarded with several substantial new assignments, including the installation of a new MV ring with three substations. Two substations on the packaging lines were equipped with a 1000 kVA flywheel UPS, which ensures a clean, stable supply. If grid power fails, the UPS ensures that the connected lines are switched off in a controlled manner and can come back online much more quickly once grid power returns. These UPSs enable considerable improvements in the efficiency of the packaging lines.

The brewhouse was completely renovated in 2018. The beating heart of the brewery consists of a Piet Brouwer Power Solutions substation, which comprises a MV ring main unit, a 1200 kVA step-down transformer and a 3200-ampère class 4a low-voltage distributor.

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is currently working on the fitting of a third substation for the packaging lines. Thanks to the excellent results achieved with the previous two systems, a flywheel UPS was chosen for this substation as well. The high quality and short installation time led Brana to once again opt for our containerised solution and the company will soon be ready for the future.