Cost-efficient electrical system for Van Doorn Exportpacking

September 13th, 2017:  Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology recently delivered the electrical system for the new premises of Van Doorn Exportpacking in Utrecht. As part of the system, Piet Brouwer supplied and installed a virtually maintenance-free and non-combustible 630kVA cast resin transformer that is equipped with primary high-voltage protection.

In addition, Piet Brouwer delivered and installed a transformer protection panel for protecting the transformer itself, the low-voltage connection to the main distribution unit and the high-voltage connection to the incoming connection of the grid operator. Van Doorn quickly discovered that installing a transformer under its own management was cheaper than renting one via a long-term contract with the grid operator. Moreover, by choosing a virtually maintenance-free and non-combustible cast resin transformer, the building spaces around the transformer could be realised in a far simpler way.