Follow-up order after successful brewery project in Ethopia

The Power Solutions division of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was commissioned in mid-2013 to realise a complete turnkey installation of a power plant and the primary distribution for a new beer brewery near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The brewery was fully operational by the end of 2014.

The brewery has been functioning successfully for nine months. The Ethiopian beer market – which is relatively new – was quickly impressed and the brewery had no problems meeting the high demands. This success was partly due to the intelligent and efficient power plant and distribution supplied by Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology. 

It has now been decided to expand the brewery and to double the production capacity. Thanks to the excellent quality, ability to meet deadlines and good cooperation during the original construction, Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology has again been asked to take on this task. Our engineers in the Netherlands have already started preparations for the expansion, which is due to be realised by mid-2016. 

For this new extension, we will be supplying:

  • 1 extra Caterpillar 3516 2,000 kVA generator, including 2,000 kVA step-up transformer
  • Synchronisation adaptation and load sharing panel from three to four generators 
  • 2 distribution transformers 15,000V >> 400V
  • 2 high voltage distributors (15000V)
  • 2 low voltage distributors (400V)
  • 4 dynamic UPSs for guaranteed power quality
  • All low voltage cables/rail tube systems