Follow-up project for Piet Brouwer Power Solutions at Bralirwa Brewery in Rwanda

July 3, 2021: Piet Brouwer Power Solutions has been working for Heineken in the food & beverage sector for years. Our role as a preferred supplier has resulted in a close relationship that ensures project processes and realisation go exceptionally smoothly.

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions was recently asked to realise a follow-up project at the Bralirwa Brewery near Gisenyi in Rwanda. We had already worked on a project in 2015 which focused on upgrading the existing emergency power system. At the time, Piet Brouwer Power Solutions supplied an extra containerised generator and replaced the high-voltage distribution of the brewery. The power management between the two generators and the grid was also fully automated. With the entire system assembled in custom-built containers, only a concrete slab was required to enable the installation on site. 

This spring Piet Brouwer Power Solutions returned to the Bralirwa Brewery for the first time in six years. “It was great to be back,” says Sales Manager Cees de Vries. “We only needed to perform a regular cleaning of the containers as everything was in great shape.”

The follow-up saw the high-voltage distributor extended with an extra field that will be connected to a new solar plant. Cees: “Using reliable power management to facilitate an intelligent solar power feed combined with available generator capacity is the ideal task for the engineers from Piet Brouwer Power Solutions.” A new low-voltage distribution panel was also supplied. All the connected users were transferred one by one to ensure the brewing process proceeded as smoothly as possible despite the renovations. In the coming period Piet Brouwer Power Solutions will replace various other parts in the electrical system in stages.