Major assignment from Kramers’ Seafood

April 23, 2021 : Family business Kramers’ Seafood decided at the end of last year to take over Fishmasters as its existing premises on Ambachtsweg in Urk were unable to accommodate further growth. Kramers’ Seafood has been a valued customer for years and Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was therefore involved in the construction process from the outset.

Next to the building on the Noordgat, an extension of no less than 3,500 square metres will be built with a cold store, dispatch and packing hall. The existing Fishmasters processing areas will be partly rearranged in order to carry out Kramers’ Seafood’s processes as efficiently as possible.

The biggest challenge in this project is the distribution of electricity in the building. The power grid on Urk is currently fully utilised and there is no possibility to obtain additional power until mid-2022. Thanks to a better distribution among the existing transformers and the possibility to use a generator at peak loads, Kramers’ Seafood is able to benefit from the desired expansion. Piet Brouwer Power Solutions’ experience was invaluable in this respect.

The internal renovation will start soon and work on the cold store is planned for mid-June.