Smart lighting for Kramers’ Seafood

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology completed an impressive project for Kramers’ Seafood in early 2022. The fish processing company is busy with a comprehensive expansion and renovation of its premises and we were responsible for the new electrical installation. “This has been a fine assignment in which to be involved”, says project manager Gerrit Barends. “The new building from Kramers’ Seafood is within walking distance of our location on Urk and that has generated lots of close connections between the two companies.”

Fitting a complete electrical installation involved all the power provision, all connection points for the machinery, the lighting system and a temporary 600kVA in generator capacity to supply the power needed during the expansion. The expectation is that a transformer will be placed at the end of 2023 so that the new parts of the building can be connected to the electricity grid.

Gerrit is also enthusiastic about the lighting system that he and the team from Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology have installed. “The smart switching and positioning of the lights in the cold store have enabled us to reduce the number of fittings by half. All the lights used are LED and suitable for the food industry, allowing us to offer the ideal balance between energy consumption, light output and colour display.”

Kramers’ Seafood will now be able to process, create, handle, store and distribute more fish products. And that can all be achieved in a sustainable way with an installation that reflects the very latest developments and requirements in terms of energy and food safety.