Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology partners again with Nauplius Workboats

Good news from the North! Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is starting another project with Nauplius Workboats in Groningen in the spring of 2022. This time we are providing the electrical installation for two brand-new 27-metre aquaculture service vessels. It’s a great new challenge to be involved in after the successful delivery of the UV Camilla Eslea in 2021.

Premier in Schotland

Nauplius Workboats is building the new vessels for the Scottish company Inverlussa. The two modern, sustainable and comfortable ships with spacious decks were designed by Argos Engineering. Like the UV Camilla Eslea delivered last year, they are among the first service vessels in Scotland to use electrically powered Azimuth thrusters. This innovative technology allows vessels to use full power and move in any direction even at high wind speeds.

Lower emissions due to hybrid propulsion

In building these two vessels, Inverlussa is taking another step towards reducing its ecological footprint. Both vessels will be equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system featuring a large battery set. The batteries are charged during the day with the overcapacity of the generators which, in combination with smart power management, allows for an optimal use of the energy supply. The vessels operate entirely emission-free when anchored at night. The result is an optimal capacity in all weather conditions and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.