New electrical system for shrimp trawler ZK-5

1 may 2017: Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was recently contracted by SRF Shipyard in Harlingen (NL) to carry out the engineering, procurement and installation for the electrical system on board the newly commissioned 20-metre Dutch shrimp trawler ZK-5.

One of the main principles underlying this project will be KIS & BTB: ‘keep it simple’ and ‘back to basics’.

Shrimp fishing has been very profitable in recent years and a fleet renewal is required to offset the aging of the fishing vessels. The brief formulated by the owner of ZK-5 specifies that she will be ‘a vessel intended for fishing in a safe, sustainable and reliable manner, without too much bling.’

“One of the main challenges for electrical systems on these boats compared with the large classified vessels is the completely different approach required,” explains Piet Roskam, sales manager at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology. “We want to avoid overkill in terms of engineering and complex systems, while maintaining the same high quality that our customers have come to expect from us. We are continuously in close contact with them, and make sure we focus on their needs as only their ‘best partner in electrical engineering’ can.”

The 20-metre shrimp trawler will have a beam of 8.50 and a draught of 2.60 metres. It will remain under the 70 GT mark and be built under ILT classification for sailing area 5. ZK-5 is expected to be delivered at the end of 2017.