New fishing vessel Z-24 Elia given Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology installation

July 8, 2021: The fishing industry and Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology are inextricably linked as we have been equipping trawlers with reliable and safe installations since our establishment in 1961. 

Early this year, Stéphane Vedelaar and his partner Nina Degryse from VCU-TCD on Urk commissioned the build of a new Z-24 to replace their current vessel, the BOU-24 Zeevonk. “After the TX-34, ZK-5 and HD-42, the Z-24 is a great addition to our portfolio,” says Piet Brouwer Sales Manager Piet Roskam. “Every commission makes for a unique story in our 60-year existence. Whether it involves a luxury yacht, a coaster or a shrimp trawler, safety and quality at sea are always our priority.” 

The Z-24 is currently being completed in the port of Urk by our technicians Johan Kooistra and Thimo van Hout. Testing and commissioning are due to start soon. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is responsible for the entire electrical system, from design, panel construction and installation to final delivery. The vessel will feature two generators of 80 kVA each that feed the electrical system, the 37 kW winch and 30 kW bowthruster independently. Both the winch and bowthruster are powered via a frequency regulator. This independent powering of the users avoids any pollution of the electrical system in a simple and effective way, while also ensuring extra operational security.