Piet Brouwer involved in Acico/Drettmann project

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology recently started work in earnest on designing and installing a system for a 24-metre Drettmann motoryacht. After years of building in Taiwan, Drettmann Yachts has chosen Europe for the first time for the construction of this yacht. The company started by entering a cooperation with Acico Yachts in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands.

Drettmann Yachts designed the vessel and provided the necessary specifications, with Acico Yachts being responsible for the engineering. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology will take care of the complete onboard electrical system, as we have for many other motoryachts in the past. The yacht will have a diesel-electric propulsion system consisting of three generators of 225 kW and one of 70 kW. 

The new diesel electric propulsion means that this green superyacht will suit the times, while also providing a number of advantages – such as flexible installation options, optimal generator power efficiency, less vibration and noise, improved safety, reduced fuel consumption and easier maintenance.

The diesel-electric propulsion also means that the generators, and therefore the engine room, can be situated amidships. This will provide much more flexibility regarding interior space. The electric PODS propellers will be powered by 250 kW electric engines.

On top of the PODS, there will be a 4 kW electric engine that can have the PODS rotate 360 degrees, allowing for major benefits in terms of maneuverability. The yacht is scheduled for launching next spring.