Piet Brouwer Power Solutions in Africa

April 29th, 2013: In addition to supplying electrotechnical systems for superyachts and commercial vessels, Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology also has a Power Solutions department. This focuses on turnkey projects and the provision of global megawatt solutions at locations with little or no electricity. One of its clients is the largest beer brand in the Netherlands, which has breweries in regions such as Africa, Central America and Asia where the local electricity grids can be of poor quality. Facilities in these areas therefore require emergency power back-up and Piet Brouwer Power Solutions offers premium technical solutions.


Piet Brouwer Power Solutions produces and installs solutions that ensure a continuous back-up of the energy supply. It has recently completed projects in locations as diverse as Pointe Noire and Brazzaville (Congo), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Kisangani and Bukavu (Dem. Rep. Congo), Saint Dénis (Ile de la Reunion), Paramaribo (Suriname) and Panama City (Panama). 

Thirteen sea containers were shipped to Kisangani where the brewery requires an entirely new emergency power facility. To realise this Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is supplying three Caterpillar diesel generators which were assembled in transport containers. The containers were modified to create three mobile technical units.

The required distribution components have also been placed in the transport containers, including transformers and switch & distribution equipment developed by Piet Brouwer Power Solutions. These will seamlessly connect the current system of the brewery to the generators should there be a power cut. 

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is also supplying the fully automated controls for the systems, allowing remote monitoring of the diesel generators and, where required, remote service and maintenance activities. The switch and distribution units are supplied in both high and low voltage (6.6 kV). The delivery also includes three Cosinus phi batteries to ensure an improved yield on the delivered capacity. The emergency power facility was built and tested in ideal conditions at the company in Urk to guarantee operational security on site. The containers are delivered as plug & play.

Transportation to the destination is relatively simple thanks to the use of containers. These were  loaded onto thirteen trucks in Urk and driven to the port of Antwerp. The containers are currently being shipped to Congo and will arrive at the brewery in Kisangani in several weeks. In June, engineers of Piet Brouwer Power Solutions will travel to the location to test and start up the equipment on site. Final delivery of the project is planned for mid-August.

Piet Brouwer, the ‘World’s best electrical partner’ for the largest beer brand in the Netherlands