Piet Brouwer Power Solutions system for South Pacific Breweries

November 30, 2020: Piet Brouwer Power Solutions has developed a safe solution for improving the current electrical installation and preparing it for future expansion on behalf of South Pacific Breweries in Lae, on the coast of Papua New Guinea. The Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology system comprises a sustainable application of emergency power generators, identifies power failures via UPS and improves the power quality of the grid.

The Piet Brouwer Power Solutions team will provide the systems with two 1,320 kVA generators and one of 910 kVA for a brand-new powerplant in an efficient combination that minimises fuel consumption. South Pacific Breweries has chosen to integrate the generators in custom-built Piet Brouwer container solutions.

In addition, Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is supplying a new 6,300 A main distributor. This panel will be powered by the grid and generators as well as a 500 kWP solar plant. The generators and grid connection will be equipped with an automatic synchronisation and load sharing system, and the connection of the solar plant will also be controlled by this system to ensure the alternative energy source is optimally used. To minimise the need for local engineering activities, this new main distributor will also be placed in a custom-built container solution.

The required materials will be shipped to Lae in the spring of 2021. The Piet Brouwer Power Solutions team will travel to Papua New Guinea to install and activate the new electrical system for South Pacific Breweries in mid-2021.