Piet Brouwer @ Mallorca

Piet Brouwer electrotechnology has concluded its busy autumn season on the island of  Mallorca. The period between the summer and a possible crossing to the Caribbean is actively used to deal with various repairs and other odd jobs.

For example, the service engineers of Piet Brouwer electrotechnology performed a major survey on the sailing yacht Mystere, on which the mast was taken down for inspection of the rigging, and a full check-up of the lighting and antennas onboard. Meanwhile, the engine wiring on the sailing yacht Constanter faced some serious problems this summer. After several emergency repairs on Sicily, the yacht returned to Mallorca. At that moment Piet Brouwer electrotechnology was asked for help and to replace the complete wiring, install a new dashboard and thoroughly inspect the DC system and, where necessary, adapt.

Sailing yacht Drumbeg has a new owner who demanded a yacht with an empty maintenance list. The service engineers from Piet Brouwer electrotechnology assisted the engineer in various minor activities to ensure the yacht is up-to-date for its next world trip. After a long journey around the world via the Caribbean, Panama, the Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand, sailing yacht Ghost was also back in town. The necessary repairs and checks were performed onboard before the yacht set sail once again, heading to Antigua to enjoy a sunny holiday season.

The engineers of Piet Brouwer electrotechnology on Mallorca are now also working with P&G Yachting, a management bureau that arranges various issues for owners and crews, including technical support. Within this framework we recently delivered new battery banks to sailing yacht Uxourious and sailing yacht Mathilda Sound.