Piet Brouwer Power Solutions contributes to cleaner climate with tidal energy

April 26,2021 : While discussions about generating sustainable energy from tides have been ongoing for years, few projects have been realised to date. Europe is therefore starting up a number of pilots as part of the Encore project to find out which are feasible.

One of these pilots is the ‘Water2Energy’ project which involves a tidal turbine that is currently being built next to the sea lock in Vlissingen. By using adjustable blades, the turbine ensures optimum use of the water running through the sluice. The turbine is intended to generate a maximum power of 100kW, which is sufficient for approximately 100 households.

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions was asked by Water2Energy to design the energy conversion to the grid and to supply the generator and control system. This system will be delivered on a turnkey basis.

More information on this project: https://www.offshore-energy.biz/integrated-tidal-turbine-soon-to-make-a-splash-in-dutch-province-of-zeeland/