Tasty new installations for Italian chefs at Schiava Horeca Groothandel

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology is working on an interesting job along the A7 motorway just outside of Groningen: the realisation of the electrical installations for the new facilities of Schiava Horeca Groothandel for Brouwer Group. This wholesaler supplies original Italian products to the hospitality sector, providing a wide range of restaurants with products such as tomatoes, cheese and pasta delivered directly from Italy.

In addition to the warehouses for dry products, the location will feature a refrigeration and freezer cell for perishables. The cafeteria of the office building will also function as an experience centre, hosting cooking demonstrations by top Italian chefs with the various Italian products supplied by Schiava.

In addition to the entire electrotechnical installation of the new facilities, Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology will also realise loading stations for electric cars and a burglary and evacuation system. Led by Hendrik Loosman and Pieter Ras, the team are looking forward to serving as guinea pigs during the first demos by the chefs. They are very aware of the need to test everything thoroughly and properly assess the (tasty) results!