Transformer thinking on fishing company expansion

In late 2014 the Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology engineers were asked to help with the expansion of the internationally operating fish processing company Van der Lee Seafish in Urk (NL). As all the available electrical capacity was already in use, the expansion required a technical upgrade. In addition, because the location of the planned expansion still contained the existing transformer station, this had to be moved. Project manager Gerrit Barends suggested realising a new transformer station within the technical area, in proximity to the heaviest loads. Van der Lee accepted the proposal, and the new transformer station with an energy-efficient and low maintenance transformer has now been supplied and installed.

Due to fact that the project involved a fish processing company, it was decided to use an oil-less cast resin transformer: any leakage from an oil-fuelled transformer during a calamity would be disastrous for the processing of food products. 

To distribute the capacity of the new transformer over the existing systems and the new expansion, Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology supplied and installed a new main distribution unit as well. The connection between the transformer and distribution unit is equipped with a dead front protected busbar system allowing 2,500 amperes to be safely transported through the technical area. 

Piet Brouwer also realised the high voltage cable from the consumer substation of the grid operator along with the rest of the transformer temperature protection.