Unique Royal Huisman yachts, exciting challenges

As you probably know, the teams at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology like nothing more than a major technical challenge. But were you aware that we also get to showcase our love of tech on a wide range of luxury superyachts? This side of our work includes being a regular co-maker for Royal Huisman and we’ve fitted many amazing boats with bespoke electrical systems adapted to the specific wishes of owners and the exceptionally high demands of this industry-leading yard.

Our sales manager Piet Roskam is very enthusiastic about the partnership with Royal Huisman: “One of our first projects at the yard was the 58.50-metre PHI, the lengthiest motoryacht built under 500GT.” This was followed by the 60-metre sailing yacht Project 404 and the 47-metre sloop Nilaya. “We are currently busy with the world’s largest sportfish yacht (Project 406) and the preparatory stages for the 65-metre performance ketch Aquarius II,” adds Piet. “The latter is in the engineering phase but it looks likely that we’ll be starting activities onboard before the summer.”

Creative minds

According to project leader Jurian Loosman, it is the sheer diversity of these various assignments that makes working with Royal Huisman so inspiring. “We drive together with a number of teams every day from Urk to the yard in Vollenhove. The nice thing is that every yacht is totally unique. Each project requires fresh creativity and the ability to think along with the client.” Jurian adds that the cooperation with Royal Huisman is very intensive. “The scope is divided up into sections – we take care of part of the electric installation and the yard does another. This requires seamless coordination between the two parties.”

Building as light as possible

The qualities, the special features, the objectives – the work is incredibly varied and Jurian says this reflects the way the superyacht market is constantly evolving. “Every time we’re faced with the latest technical trends and unique client requirements,” says Jurian. Project 405 (Nilaya) is a superb example of the lengths to which owners are prepared to go. This featherlight high-performance sloop is made of superlight aluminium and has to weigh as little as possible.

Jurian: “We are constantly in discussions with the yard and owner’s team to explore which materials available on the market are the lightest and what the costs and benefits are.” Everything that the PBE team bring onboard Nilaya has to be weighed. “There are scales on the yacht to weigh each and every part. The results are immediately entered into a special software program for weight calculations. Even the rubbish that we take away offboard has to be weighed, such is the meticulous level of precision.”

Universities and global suppliers

 “Another of the yachts has electric propulsion and requires a number of generators connected to a 700 Volt DC system,” continues Jurian. “The challenges here revolve around the large capacities involved and the availability of authorised components.” An expert engineer from Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology and a specialist from Royal Huisman are working with an international manufacturer of DC components for the realisation of this system. Their work includes simulations of how the system is likely to behave in exceptional situations. There’s little knowledge currently to hand in the market on this subject which is of course one of the key aspects of a safe installation.”

The yard has initiated a partnership with the University of Twente for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) together with our specialist. Jurian: “Each installation is different and has to be completely free of faults. We work closely with the yard and are also keen to bring in external parties with expertise and experience in specific areas. This helps us ensure the best possible result for the client.”

Jurian and his team are currently busy with Aquarius II (Project 408), a classic ketch currently in her engineering phase. The owner wished to rebuild his current yacht but this time with an extra metre in length. The result will be a virtually identical vessel with the same classic interior, the same materials and the same atmosphere onboard. Jurian: “This is a fine challenge for us as many of the materials used in the original yacht are no longer available in exactly the same specs. We are doing our best to find first-class alternatives that have precisely the same look & feel.”

More to come

The next project in the pipeline at Royal Huisman is also coming onto the horizon for Jurian and the PBE crew. “It’s really cool to see superyachts like this become reality and to make a contribution. Whatever the next project has in store, our teams are ready, able and willing!”

Find it inspiring to read about Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology and our work for Royal Huisman? Like to know more? Check out our portfolio here or drop by our premises for a coffee and a chat. Who knows, we may just be the company you were looking for!