Our Team

Office Urk

Managing Directors

Bram Brouwer, Martin van Veen

Project Managers

Standing (in the back)
Gerrit Barends, Jan Brands, Sijmen Schenk, Klaas Wakker, Jurian Loosman, Peter Baarssen, Albert Ras
Sitting (in the front)
Piet Roskam, Lub Visser, Hessel Bakker

Warehouse / purchasing

Mark Oost, Lubbert Kramer, Klaas Visser

Front Office

Klaas Willem Snoek, Marieke Oost-Koffeman, Elise Visser - de Boer

Office den Helder

Team den Helder

From left to right: Niels Visser, Ewout Schouten, Wiekie Weerstand, Willem de Fockert, Martie de Borst, Jan Hoekstra, Erwin Guiting

Office Harlingen

Team Harlingen

From left to right: Tineke Balt, Dineke Wierda, Roel Toering, Gerrit Vliestra-Kuike, Sieger Koning, Johan Kooistra. Front: Mark Heldoorn

Office Palma de Mallorca

Team Palma de Mallorca

Robbert Holthuizen, Charlotte Alofs

In the picture

  • In the spotlight: electrical engineer Lucas Post

    June 29, 2020: After finishing secondary school five years ago, Lucas Post wasn’t sure what he wanted to study next. He did know however that he wanted to do something in the technological sector. “I thought I’d figure out what I enjoyed while working...

  • In the spotlight: chief technician Sieger Koning

    16 August, 2019: After Sieger Koning (59) graduated from technical school in 1979 and obtained his mechanical and installation diploma in night school, he worked as a technician for various electrotechnical companies until 1990. Sieger then started...

  • In the picture: Service Technician Reinier Romkes

    3 february, 2019: Reinier Romkes’s (25) career with Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology started eight years ago as an intern assistant engineer. During his further training to first engineer, he spent four days a week at Piet Brouwer and went to school...

  • In the picture: Lead Engineer Jacob Hoekstra

    september 3rd, 2018: When Jacob Hoekstra made the choice to become an electrician at the age of 14, it was his father who suggested weekend and holiday work at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology – and he was accepted. “My first job was to sort out all the...

  • In the picture: Director Bram Brouwer

    april 10th, 2018: Bram Brouwer is the youngest son of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology founder, Piet Brouwer. The Brouwer family still lived above the company facilities in the port of Urk when Bram was a young lad so he quite literally grew up in his...

  • In the picture: Flerik van Veen, engineer

    october 23st 2017: Say hello to Flerik van Veen, pictured here high on the mast of Cinderella IV. This is just one example of the many varied tasks that this talented engineer has undertaken over the past nine years in his job at Piet Brouwer...

  • In the picture: project manager for Power Solutions, Klaas Wakker

    september 12th 2017: Klaas Wakker started his career at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology 15 years ago as a trainee during his senior secondary vocational schooling in automation and energy technology. He stayed on after the traineeship, first on his free...

  • In the picture: lead engineer Kees Visser

    june 19th 2017: Kees Visser applied to join Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology in 2000, right after completing his education in electrical engineering. “One shot, one goal – I was accepted straight away!” he recalls. Kees wanted to keep his skills...

  • In the picture: Albert-Jan de Vries, Planner & Service Manager

    08 march 2017: This year Albert-Jan de Vries is celebrating 15 years at Piet Brouwer. His career began with an internship for his electrotechnology studies, and he continued in the company as an electrician after graduating. Later Albert-Jan became...

  • In the picture: Mark Heldoorn, Harlingen branch manager

    10 october 2016: Following the acquisition of fellow installation company Elektrotechniek Harlingen by Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology on 1 January of this year, Mark Heldoorn became branch manager of this latest Piet Brouwer location. Together with a...

  • In the picture: purchaser & warehouse manager Lubbert Kramer

    June 20th 2016: Lubbert Kramer first came into contact with Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology almost twenty years ago. At the time he was employed in the fishing industry, which was in decline. Lubbert was invited to become Piet Brouwer...

  • In the picture: Jan Korf, calculator/sales engineer

    As a little boy, Jan Korf wanted more than anything to go to fishing school. His father advised him to attend a vocational secondary school and learn to be an electrician instead. But Jan could not get fishing out of his head, and even tried it for...

  • In the picture: Jonathan Mars, project manager

    Jonathan Mars’ career at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology began in 2013 with an internship during his applied university studies in electrical engineering. After graduating, Jonathan was hired as project engineer within the Power Solutions...

  • In the picture: service manager Piet Roskam

    As service manager Piet Roskam is responsible for the ‘sailing element’ of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology. This means he is in charge of providing service for the onboard installations after electrical systems have been delivered. The sailing...

  • In the picture: Jan Hoekstra - Location manager Den Helder

    Jan Hoekstra started working for Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology 35 years ago after graduating from Junior Technical School (LTS). As a 16-year old boy, he helped fishermen who came to pick up equipment for their vessels. In addition, he carried on...

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