Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is the ideal specialist for the installation of industrial generators for your company. Naturally, a fully operational energy supply is essential for your business.  A generator is an important part of that, even if you are already connected to the grid. At Piet Brouwer, we refer to all of these electrotechnical solutions as Power Solutions.

Here in the Netherlands, it is quite normal to have a fixed electricity network, but this isn’t always the case in many other parts of the world. Piet Brouwer Power Solutions can provide a solution wherever there is no fixed network. We will provide and install a complete energy supply for your production location. We can do that both off-grid at locations where there is no fixed energy network or as support and back-up for your existing grid connection.

With us you are assured of a comprehensive turnkey solution. We work for industrial clients all over the world. If you are looking for an electrotechnical partner who is focused on your interests and can provide a complete energy supply, look no further: Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is ready to help.

industriële generator

There are different types of generators. On this page, we explain the differences. If you have any more questions about the ideal generator for your situation, we would be happy to help you make the right choice.

What is a generator or a genset?

A generator and a genset are the same thing – two names for the same equipment. Genset is the abbreviation for generator set, which is a diesel motor and a generator combined. A generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. A machine (usually a diesel motor) provides energy that drives a revolving shaft in the generator. This shaft turns a magnet in a coil, bringing about the natural phenomenon we call induction. The movement of the magnet in the coil produces electricity. Source 1

Wherever there is a need for power, a generator can be used to provide it. That is also true for places where the electricity network is poor. In these locations, a generator can guarantee continuity and quality of the power supply.

Why choose an industrial generator?

Generators come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller versions can be used to supply power to houses, construction sites, road maintenance works, etc. In short, generators are used everywhere where there is no fixed power supply.

Generators are also used when the power network is unstable, such as in less developed areas, or as a result of specific weather conditions. In these cases, they can be used temporarily as emergency power supplies.

Larger generators can be coupled together to produce greater power. This way, major projects such as power plants for the food and beverage industry can be kept running.

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions specialises in these large-scale projects. Our team of experienced specialists will know exactly what is needed in your situation.

Designations and applications

A generator might be necessary wherever there is no stable, fixed power supply. This can be due to the project location, but also due to the quality of the infrastructure present. Because there are various possible applications, there are also various sizes of generators. To make it easy to understand what kind of generator is being referred to, an additional designation is used. These names provide information about the place or the sector in which the generator is used or about the application. For example:

  • Marine generator – built for the maritime sector
  • Container generator – A generator in a container housing
  • Industrial generators – designed for industrial applications
  • Power units (in practice, this is often the same as a generator)


What are the possible ratings of an industrial generator?

An industrial generator can be used in different ways. These applications are scaled as ‘ratings’. You will find a number of rating types below: 

  • Standby generator – This type only switches on when the principal source of power is disconnected.
  • Limited time running power (LTP) – Just like the standby generator, this can be connected for a limited period of time. A generator with an LTP-rating can deliver power for up to 500 hours per annum.
  • Prime generator – This is a rating for generators that are the primary source of electricity and have a variable power output.
  • Continuous power – This is a rating for generators that are a primary source of electricity and have a continuous power output.

An industrial generator as part of a complete power supply for businesses

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions offers total energy supply solutions. Generators are a part of that. The total solution includes the installation of:

  • Generators (usually running on diesel or gas)
  • Delivery and installation of the LV and HV distribution (cables)
  • Connection of all the components such as the HVMD and LVMD panel
  • UPS
  • Transformers
  • Fuel tanks

For industrial solutions for business purposes, we provide a customized service. Factors such as noise standards, weather conditions and of course energy demands are taken into account.

The 7 steps of our method

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions provides energy supply solutions you can rely on, all over the world. In developed areas, but also in the most remote of places. Wind, water and solar energy are changing power supply solutions all over the world. Our technical experts will be pleased to consider suitable solutions with you for all manner of challenging and special projects. Our many years of experience and our ability to innovate mean that we can quickly deliver a good solution with a professional team, anywhere in the world.

Our method is comprised of the following 7 steps:

1. Inventory of the project

First, the situation surrounding the project site is mapped out. We look at the circumstances of the project, such as the location, the power required and the provisional arrangements. We gather all of the available information, including a map, a bid book, a single line diagram and a load list. All of this together forms a proper inventory of the project and the necessary means to implement it.

2. On-site visit and engineering

Our method always includes a visit to the location. This is because in practice, things can sometimes be different to what was initially envisaged. A visit allows us to take a proper look at the situation and consider the options. In addition, it is an opportunity for us at Piet Brouwer to get to know you, the client, and vice versa. After the visit, it has become clear what the client expects from us, and the engineering phase can begin. During the engineering phase, we go over all of the smaller points the client would like to be done differently. Once the client agrees to the proposal, production can start.

3. Production of all the components

All the components are produced. The production process kicks off and we establish a schedule. That schedule includes details of when the installation crew will arrive, the transport, and everything else involved.

4. Global transport

The components produced are packaged and stored. Once this is complete, we transport the parts to the destination according to the schedule. 

5. Assembly and installation

Once the parts have arrived at the destination, the installation crew go to the location and install and assemble all of the components. Everything is done in full compliance with the highest quality norms and standards.

6. Putting into service and commissioning

When everything has been installed, we then test the installation according to professional standards. Once it is certain that everything is functioning as it should, Piet Brouwer Power Solutions finalises the delivery of the project to the client.

7. Service 24/7, worldwide

After delivery, Piet Brouwer Power Solutions is available 24/7 for service worldwide. In case of problems or other difficulties, we take action immediately.

Delivery from 275 kVA up to and including 2000+ kVA

Piet Brouwer Power Solutions works mainly with Himoinsa, Iveco and Caterpillar generators and gensets. Our specialists are nevertheless able to set up all makes and types of generator.

For the industrial sector, we offer complete solutions for every kind of power requirement, starting with 275 kVa and going up to a capacity of 2000 kVa and more.

industriële generator
Installing a industrial generator by Piet Brouwer Power Solutions
Generator inside a container, deliverd by Piet Brouwer Power Solutions

Diesel generators, gas and more

Diesel motors are the most frequently occurring type of ‘Power Solution’. Our specialists are nevertheless also able to set up generators that run on gas or alternative energy sources.


We deliver generators as part of a complete solution. This means we can ensure a continuous energy supply for facilities such as factories, breweries, sand dredgers, etc., as well as emergency power supplies all over the world. Go here to view our references with images and specifications.

Contact us whenever, no strings attached

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