2 No-Limit 1640 pro

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was brought in by No Limit Ships to provide the complete electrical installations onboard two new No Limit 1640 Pro ships. These special vessels were built by No Limit Ships Shipyards, based in Groningen. The first No Limit ship (build number 27) was built as a crew tender for Jan de Nul Dredging. The vessel will spend its first few years as a crew tender but, with a few small adjustments, it can later be converted into a survey vessel. The second No Limit ship (build number 28) was intended as a survey vessel from the outset and commissioned by Fachstelle Maschinenwesen Nord from Germany.

The electrical installations on board the NL27 and NL28 are noticeably different. The NL27 has a conventional installation, which includes the use of circuit breakers. A so-called ETA system has been installed on the NL28. This is a CAN bus system with various modules, each of which has its own inputs and outputs. The inputs can be used to connect a switch, for example, while the outputs can be used for lighting. The system can be set up internally to turn on the lights whenever the switch button is pressed.  

The CAN bus system replaces the 24V section only. The 230V section has a conventional set up with circuit breakers. In addition, each ship has only one 230V generator, although, in principle, these are redundant. The main engines are fitted with inverters that charge a set of service batteries which should be sufficient to supply all the power needed onboard. A Victron Quatro has been fitted to cater for 230V power usage. This is an inverter/charger from 24V to 230V so when the main engines are running at sea, power requirements are met by the inverters they drive. When more power is needed the generator can be brought into use. This will then supply the 230V equipment and any additional power generated can be used to charge the service batteries. An 8kW Quatro has been installed on the NL27 and two 8kW Quatros on the NL28.

No Limit crew tenders are characterised by an extremely robust construction, making Piet Brouwer an obvious choice for No Limit Ships when it came to the electrical systems. The Urk-based company was established in 1961 and originally occupied with the delivery and installation of electrical systems on fishing boats. These boats were (and still are) manned by family members, friends and acquaintances of staff. As it can be very dangerous on the open North Sea, the reliability of the electrical systems is of vital importance. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology uses all its experience to ensure that systems do not fail, knowing that this can make the difference in life and death situations. It goes without saying that modus operandi is the norm at Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology and has been adopted in all the company’s markets worldwide. 


Engines2 x MAN 2866LXE40 190 kW @ 1800 rpm
ShipyardNo Limit Ships BV
GeneratorsKohler 17 EFOZD 17 ekW / 230V / 50Hz / 1 Ph