MS Northern Rock

After some very successful sea trials, Hartman Marine Shipbuilding from Urk delivered the multi-purpose coaster “Northern Rock” to its proud new owner, Hartman Seatrade, in early September 2015. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was responsible for the design, engineering and installation of the complete electrical system. Northern Rock is the eighth vessel from Hartman Marine Shipbuilding to be fitted with an electrical system by Piet Brouwer.

Northern Rock also includes an alarm and monitoring system from Marble Automation, a subsidiary of Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology. Part of the monitoring is the tank gauge system of which the tank labels have been entered into the Marble system. 

Northern Rock (92.9 x 15, 2978 gt, 3500dwt, average service speed 11.5 knots) is a general cargo/heavy cargo vessel with an open top notation. It is the fourth member of the M2 runner series by Hartman Marine Shipbuilding from Urk. Other members of the family, the Oceanic, Nordic and Arctic Rock, were launched and successfully taken into operation in previous years.

Due to the special construction of the large, flat deck and its uniquely positioned superstructure, the M2 runner series has 60 per cent more deck space and cargo hold volume than similar vessels of the same tonnage. Thanks to its open top notation, cargo can protrude overboard, allowing the vessel to carry twice the cargo as similar vessels of the same tonnage for the same operational costs.

An extra addition compared to the previous three M2 runners is its Dynamic Positioning facility, as a result of which Northern Rock is officially called an ‘M2.1 Offshore runner’. The DP notation means the vessel is even more flexible in its activities and even more suitable for offshore support work. Northern Rock will be serving the offshore market for Hartman Seatrade, which also uses the vessels Deo Volente and Arctic Rock.


EnginesWärtsilä type W6L20
ShipyardHartman Marine Shipbuilding B.V.