MY Ursus

Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology was commissioned to design and build a comprehensive electrical installation and various alarm systems for the 24-metre Drettmann Explorer Yacht. The system was executed in the highest Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology quality to match the calibre of this lovely luxury yacht.

The design and system take into account the need for materials on board a vessel to be accessible, easy to replace and easily available. Piet Brouwer Electrotechnology knows the importance of service: the company’s customer service department is available for questions and assistance 24 hours a day.

The system was put together with as many energy-saving components as possible. Diesel-electric propulsion was chosen to ensure the most environmentally friendly configuration. The advantages of diesel-electric include:

  • More safety and redundancy
  • Less noise and vibrations
  • Flexible installation options
  • Less space required for more power
  • Better control and manoeuvrability
  • Optimum generator efficiency
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced maintenance

The choice for diesel-electric propulsion means that the generators – and the engine room – can be placed anywhere in the vessel, giving much more flexibility with the interior layout. The engine room on the Ursus, for instance, is located in the foreship.

The PODS (electrical propellers) are driven by large electric engines supplied by inverters. Above the PODS is an electric motor which can pivot them 360 degrees, giving the yacht tremendous manoeuvrability.

Three powerful generators of 225 kW each are installed on board, and all three can continuously run in parallel. This takes care of the energy supply on board, including the two 250 kW electric PODS. There is also a 70 kW generator which can run in parallel with the others or by itself as required, for example at night.

The Ursus includes every conceivable luxury. The 24-metre yacht features more than 18 kilometres of cabling, installed to connect all the multiple components of the comprehensive electrical system.


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