Rwanda – Gisenyi

Design and execution of complete new power generation and distribution for a brewery including:

  • Delivery of 2 containerized gensets 1.500 kVA including 2 step-up transformers 1.500 kVA including:
    • Finfan coolers
    • Room ventilation
    • Fuel oil day tanks
    • Exhausts
  • Delivery of one containerized synchronizing and loadsharing panel prepared for 3 generators
  • Delivery of one containerized substation of 400kVA including MV-panel, step down transformer and LV-distribution.
  • Delivery of all high voltage cabling
  • Automation including remote service device
  • Delivery of one Step down transformer of 2000kVA
  • Delivery of new low voltage distribution panel 2000 kVA
  • Delivery of low voltage busbar ducts
  • Complete turnkey installation including engineering, supervision and project management