Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek has its own warehouse, where we have more than 7,500 electrotechnical products in stock, ranging from cable lugs to lighting and electric motors. This ensures we always have what we need to build and maintain our installations and quickly resolve malfunctions.

Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek’s warehouse is also used by many other technical maintenance services and installation companies. If a specific component is not in stock, we can rely on our extensive network of suppliers to quickly deliver what we need.

Reliable systems can only function properly when top-quality materials are used. Piet Brouwer Elektrotechniek is a partner and dealer of various renowned brands in the field of electrical engineering.

You can visit our warehouse on Urk or place your orders via WhatsApp, email or telephone.

  • More than 7,500 products in stock
  • Preferred supplier for technical service departments
  • Easily accessible
  • Place your orders via WhatsApp
  • Excellent offers on electrotechnical materials

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